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Eric Clapton and The Powerhouse (6/1966)

Selected discography:
Various: What's Shakin' - LP / Elektra / EKL 4002 / UK (Mono)
Various: What's Shakin' - LP / Elektra / EKL 74002 / UK
Various: Good Time Music - LP / Elektra / EUK 260 / UK (Reissue 1967, mono)
Various: Good Time Music - LP / Elektra / EUKS 7260 / UK (Reissue 1967)
Various: What's Shakin' - CD: Elektra / 9 61343-2 / US (Reissue 5/11/1993)
Eric Clapton: History Of Eric Clapton - LP(2) / Polydor / 2659012 / UK (7/1972)
Steve's compilations: See the Steve Winwood Solo discography.

  • "I Want To Know" (S. McLeod)
  • "Crossroads" (R. Johnson)
  • "Steppin' Out" (M. Slim)
Credits: Eric Clapton, guitar; Steve Winwood, keyboards and vocals; Jack Bruce, bass; Peter York, drums; Paul Jones, harmonica; Ben Palmer, piano; Joe Boyd, producer (from Marc Roberty's Eric Clapton: The Complete Recording Sessions 1963-1992, 1993). The liner notes and credits for Steve Winwood's compilation The Finer Things (1995) indicate that the sampler was organized by Elektra producer Jac Holzman, and that he produced these tracks.

Description: Steve and Eric Clapton developed a friendship early in their careers. The three tracks released on this Elektra sampler were the result of frequent jam sessions while Eric was with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. Steve and Eric have crossed musical paths many times in subsequent years, mostly notably with Blind Faith, but these tracks are the earliest recordings to be released. For contractual reasons, Steve was credited as either Steve Anglo or Stevie D'Angelo on the original LP. The sampler also includes the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Al Kooper, and Tom Rush.

Release notes: Steve Winwood's compilation Winwood (1971) includes "Crossroads", and his recent compilation The Finer Things (1995) includes "Crossroads" and "I Want To Know". Eric Clapton's compilation History Of Eric Clapton includes "I Want To Know".

Unreleased track: Eric Clapton has indicated that a fourth track from this project was recorded but remains unreleased. The interview took place in March 1968 but was only more recently published in Bob Kenney's article "The Lost Cream Tapes", in Best Of Guitar Player (Clapton issue, 1992, pages 4-10). From the interview:
[Guitar Player]: How many cuts did you do as the Powerhouse?
[Eric] Clapton: We did "Crossroads," a medium-type blues, "Stepping Out" in a slow blues. The slow blues was never issued, so they must have it on tape at Elektra somewhere. It was pretty good, too.
According to the editor's notes, the interview existed on paper in a disorganized mess. The interviewer / author could not be found, but the editors decided to publish it anyway, with minimal editing. There are technical mistakes in the interview. For example, when Clapton mentions his friend and pianist Ben Palmer, it is transcribed as Benjamin Power. The phrase "in a slow blues" should obviously have been transcribed as "and a slow blues", the only way it makes sense.
(Thanks to DeltaNick in SP 163-13, 8/99.)

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John Mayall and Steve Anglo: "Long Night" (1/1967)

Selected discography:
Various: Raw Blues - LP / Ace Of Clubs / ACL 1220 / UK (Mono)
Various: Raw Blues - LP / Ace Of Clubs / SCL 1220 / UK
Various: Raw Blues - LP / London / PS-543 / US (1968)
Various: Raw Blues - CD / London / 820 479-2 / US (Reissue 2/16/1988)
Various: The Blues Scene - CD / Deram / 844 801-2 / UK (4/1999)

  • "Long Night" (Mayall, Anglo)
Credits: John Mayall; Steve Winwood, organ; John McVie, bass; Aynsley Dunbar, drums. Produced by Mike Vernon. (From the Raw Blues CD liner notes.)

Description: The Raw Blues compilation was producer Mike Vernon's first project at Decca, and includes the one-time collaboration of John Mayall and Steve on "Long Night", recorded in November 1966. Steve used the Anglo name here for contractual reasons.

John Mayall - official site

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Blind Faith: Blind Faith (7/1969)
Blind Faith: London Hyde Park 1969 (4/10/2006)

Selected discography:
See the Blind Faith discography.
Steve's compilations: See the Steve Winwood Solo discography.

Tracks - Original album:
  • "Had To Cry Today" (S. Winwood)
  • "Can't Find My Way Home" (S. Winwood)
  • "Well All Right" (M. Petty, B. Holly, J. Allison, J. Hauldin)
  • "Presence Of The Lord" (E. Clapton)
  • "Sea Of Joy" (S. Winwood)
  • "Do What You Like" (G. Baker)
Additional tracks - Deluxe Edition (1/9/2001):
  • "Sleeping In The Ground" (S. Myers) (remix)
  • "Can't Find My Way Home" (S. Winwood) (electric version, remix)
  • "Acoustic Jam" (S. Winwood, E. Clapton, R. Grech, G. Baker)
  • "Time Winds" (S. Winwood)
  • "Sleeping In The Ground" (S. Myers) (slow blues version)
  • "Jam No. 1: Very Long & Good Jam" (E. Clapton, S. Winwood, G. Baker)
  • "Jam No. 2: Slow Jam #1" (E. Clapton, S. Winwood, G. Baker)
  • "Jam No. 3: Change Of Address Jam" (E. Clapton, S. Winwood, G. Baker)
  • "Jam No. 4: Slow Jam #2" (E. Clapton, S. Winwood, G. Baker)
Additional tracks - Other releases:
  • "Change Of Address" - promotional single
  • "Sleeping In The Ground" (S. Myers) - Eric Clapton compilation
  • "Sleeping In The Ground" (S. Myers) live - Steve Winwood compilation
  • "Under My Thumb" live (M. Jagger, K. Richards) - Steve Winwood compilation
  • "Can't Find My Way Home" (S. Winwood) (electric version) - Steve Winwood compilation
Tracks - London Hyde Park 1969 (DVD / Sanctuary / SVEF0090 / UK):
  • Well All Right
  • Sea of Joy
  • Sleeping In The Ground
  • Under My Thumb
  • Can't Find My Way Home
  • Do What You Like
  • Presence Of The Lord
  • Means To An End
  • Had To Cry Today
  • Spencer Davis Group: I'm A Man (Promo Video)
  • Traffic: Hole In My Shoe (Promo Video)
  • Cream: I'm So Glad (Promo Video)
Personnel: Steve Winwood, vocal, keyboards and guitar; Eric Clapton, guitar; Ginger Baker, drums and percussion; Rick Grech, bass and violin. Produced by Jimmy Miller.

Description: Rock's first supergroup and the most famous collaboration between Steve and Eric.
Eric Clapton discussed the evolution of Blind Faith in the 10/15/70 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. "It [Blind Faith] had a lot of different stages. When we started rehearsing, for instance, it was a different band. It was just me and Steve and other people that we had around, and it was so completely different, almost a jazz thing, and when we started recording it changed again, and then when we went onto stage it was already over somehow. The heart, the core of what Blind Faith could have done was all wrapped up in the time before we were actually exposed." (Thanks to Dan Ropek from SP 17, 12/95.)

Cover photo: The original LP cover photo, credited to Bob Seidemann, was of a barely pubescent naked girl holding a phallic object shaped like an airplane. The cover proved to be highly controversial in the US and was soon replaced there with the "band photo" cover. Stories abound concerning the identity of the girl and the object she's holding.
Seidemann, in a pitch to sell lithographs (here 10/1998, now gone), describes the photo and its elements. The space ship symbolizes "the achievement of human creativity and its expression through technology", and "the fruit of the tree of knowledge". The girl, innocent but beginning the transition to womanhood, represents "the fruit of the tree of life". The girl lived in Mayfair, London, and was the younger sister of a girl he saw while riding the London Underground. A jeweler at the Royal College of Art, Mick Milligan, made the spaceship. Seidemann named the photo "Blind Faith" and says that Clapton named the band after the photo, fought for the cover when the record company balked at releasing it, and elected to omit the band's name from the cover.
According to Marc Roberty, Seidemann was an old friend of Eric's, the girl is Seidemann's daughter (age 11), and the object is a model airplane intended to symbolize both sexuality and a modern or futuristic approach to music and life (thanks to Judy from SP 16, 12/95). The girl's name is probably Louise (or Mareora) Goshen, age 11 (thanks to Björn Sandström from SP 16, 12/95).

Promotional single: Island Records pressed and distributed 500 copies of a promotional single to notify the media of the company's change of address in London (Ray Coleman, Clapton!, 1985). The track was an unnamed and unbilled instrumental track on both sides, now usually referred to as "Change Of Address". The track has not been legitimately released to date, but several bootlegs and one or two radio shows include it, including a Westwood One Eric Clapton rarities show. See the Tapes In Circulation page for more information.

Tour: Blind Faith may have toured in only four countries: UK, Sweden, US, and Canada. The US leg of the tour was scheduled to begin at the Newport Festival on July 11, 1969, in Fort Adams State Park. The promoters cancelled the show about a week beforehand, though, due to problems they'd had with fans destroying property during rock concerts there. As a result, the Madison Square Garden show on July 12 became the American debut. After the cancellation, another show was added in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The Blind Faith concert in Hyde Park in June 1969 was filmed by Robert Stigwood and associates, but not released (until 2006 - see below) because of what was considered a rather underwhelming performance. Portions of the film were aired on an MTV Eric Clapton special. (Thanks to Björn Sandström and Paul Rosano from SP 16 and Guy from SP 46.)

DVD: The 2006 DVD release features Blind Faith's debut concert performance in London's Hyde Park on June 7, 1969. It also includes several promotional videos for songs by its members in previous groups.

Release notes: Several previously unreleased tracks have surfaced. Eric Clapton's compilation Crossroads (1988) includes the studio version of "Sleeping In The Ground". Steve Winwood's compilation The Finer Things (1995) includes an electric version of "Can't Find My Way Home" as well as live versions of "Sleeping In The Ground" and "Under My Thumb" from the Hyde Park concert. The 1986 Blind Faith CD release includes two previously unreleased tracks, "Spending All My Days" and "Exchange And Mart", not from the Blind Faith sessions but intended for a Rick Grech solo album as described more fully on the Rumored Sessions: A - P page. The remastered 2-CD set Blind Faith Deluxe Edition (1/9/2001) added many bonus tracks, including remixes, unreleased tracks, and several jams.

Well Alright!

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Ginger Baker's Airforce: Airforce (6/1970)

Selected discography:
LP(2) / Polydor / 2662 001 / UK
LP(2) / ATCO / SD 2-703 / US
CD / Polydor / 837 349-2 / US (Reissue 1989)
"Man Of Constant Sorrow" - 7" / Polydor / 56380 / UK (b/w "Doin' It") (3/1970)
Ginger Baker: Do What You Like - CD(2) / Polygram / 314 558 542-2 / US (7/7/1998)

  • "Da Da Man" (Harold McNair)
  • "Early In The Morning" (Trad., arr. Ginger Baker)
  • "Don't Care" (Ginger Baker, Steve Winwood)
  • "Toad" (Ginger Baker)
  • "Aiko Biaye" (Remi Kabaka, Teddy Osei)
  • "Man Of Constant Sorrow" (Ginger Baker, Denny Lane)
  • "Do What You Like" (Ginger Baker)
  • "Doin' It" (Ginger Baker, Rick Grech)
Credits: Ginger Baker, drums; Steve Winwood, vocals and organ; Rick Grech, bass and violin; Jeanette Jacobs, vocals; Denny Laine, guitar and vocals; Remi Kabaka, drums; Chris Wood, tenor and flute; Graham Bond, alto; Harold McNair, tenor and flute; Phil Seamen, percussion. Produced by Jimmy Miller. Album recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall in London, January 1970.

Description: This recording was the second of two Airforce concerts in January 1970. The first was at Birmingham Town Hall. Steve was not involved with the second Airforce album, Airforce II, a separate project with a completely different line-up (see SP 28-06 for details).

Single: The single release of "Man Of Constant Sorrow" was a studio version recorded at Olympic Studios in London, February 1970. Steve and Chris were not on this recording since they had left to re-form Traffic. The b-side, "Doin' It", is from the album.

Release notes: The 1989 CD release omits "Doin' It". Ginger Baker's compilation Do What You Like includes both Airforce albums, the studio version of "Man Of Constant Sorrow", and Ginger's solo album Stratavarious (1972).

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Eric Clapton: Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert (1973)

Selected discography:
LP / RSO / 2394 116 / UK
LP / RSO / SPELP 23 / UK (Reissue 1983)
LP / RSO / SO 877 / US
CD / Polydor / 527 427-2 / UK (Reissue 7/25/1995)
CD / Polygram / 831 320-2 / US (Reissue 1986)
CD / Polygram / 31452 7472 2 / US (Reissue 7/25/1995)

  • "Layla" (Eric Clapton, Jim Gordon) - on 1995 CD reissue
  • "Badge" (Eric Clapton, George Harrison)
  • "Blues Power" (Eric Clapton, Leon Russell) - on 1995 CD reissue
  • "Roll It Over" (Eric Clapton, Bobby Whitlock)
  • "Little Wing" (Jimi Hendrix)
  • "Bottle Of Red Wine" (Eric Clapton, Bonnie Bramlett) - on 1995 CD reissue
  • "After Midnight" (John J. Cale)
  • "Bell Bottom Blues" (Eric Clapton) - on 1995 CD reissue
  • "Presence Of The Lord" (Eric Clapton)
  • "Tell The Truth" (Eric Clapton, Bobby Whitlock) - on 1995 CD reissue
  • "Pearly Queen" (Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi)
  • "Key To The Highway" (Charles Segar, Willie Broonzy) - on 1995 CD reissue
  • "Let It Rain" (Eric Clapton, Bonnie Bramlett) - on 1995 CD reissue
  • "Crossroads" (Robert Johnson) - on 1995 CD reissue
Credits: Eric Clapton, lead guitar and vocals; Steve Winwood, keyboards and vocals; Pete Townsend, guitar and vocals; Rick Grech, bass; Jim Capaldi, drums; Ronnie Wood, guitar and vocals; Reebop Kwaku Baah, percussion; Jimmy Karstein, drums. Produced by Pete Townsend (concert), Bob Pridden (original album), Jon Astley and Andy Macpherson (1995 CD). Recorded live at the Rainbow Theatre in London on January 13, 1973.

Release notes: The 1995 CD release is remastered with eight additional tracks, as noted.

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Kabaka / Amao / Winwood (or Third World): Aiye-Keta (7/13/1973)

Selected discography:
LP / Island / HELP 14 / UK (Third World)
LP / Antilles / AN 7005 / US (Reissue, Kabaka / Amao / Winwood)
CD / Edsel / EDCD 513 / UK (Reissue 1/28/1997, Third World)
Various: The Greater Antilles Sampler - LP / Antilles / AX 7000 / US (1977)
Steve's compilations: See the Steve Winwood Solo discography.

  • "Happy Vibes"
  • "Irin-Ajo"
  • "Black Beauty"
  • "Afro Super"
  • "Shango"
Credits: Remi Kabaka, lead vocals, piano, drums, congas, African drums and pot, rhythm guitar, and moog drum; Abdul Lasisi Amao, saxes, flute, congas, percussion, and vocals; Steve Winwood, keyboards, lead guitar, percussion, moog, and vocals. Produced by Steve Winwood. All songs written by Remi Kabaka.

Release notes: The Greater Antilles Sampler includes an excerpt of "Irin-Ajo". Steve Winwood's compilations Keep On Running (1991) and The Finer Things (1995) both include "Happy Vibes".

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Stomu Yamashta: Go (6/1976)
Stomu Yamashta: Go Live From Paris (4/1978)

Selected discography:
See the Anglos and Go discography.
Steve's compilations: See the Steve Winwood Solo discography.

Tracks - Go:
  • "Solitude"
  • "Nature"
  • "Air Over"
  • "Crossing The Line"
  • "Man Of Leo"
  • "Stellar"
  • "Space Theme"
  • "Space Requiem"
  • "Space Song"
  • "Carnival"
  • "Ghost Machine"
  • "Surf Spin"
  • "Time Is Here
  • "Winner / Loser"
Tracks - Go Live From Paris:
  • "Space Song"
  • "Carnival"
  • "Wind Spin"
  • "Ghost Machine"
  • "Surf Spin"
  • "Time Is Here"
  • "Winner / Loser"
  • "Solitude"
  • "Nature"
  • "Air Voice"
  • "Crossing The Line"
  • "Man Of Leo"
  • "Stellar"
  • "Space Requiem"
Credits on Go: Stomu Yamashta, synthesizers, percussion, tympani and others; Steve Winwood, piano, vocal, organ, electric piano, string synthesizers; Michael Shrieve, drum kit; Klaus Schulze, synthesizers; Rosko Gee, bass; Chris West, rhythm guitar; Pat Thrall, guitar; Junior Marvin, guitar; Al DiMeola, guitar; Hisako Yamashta, violin and voice; Bernie Holland, guitar; Lennox Langton, congas; Brother James, congas; Paul Buckmaster, wind and string section arrangements. Produced by Dennis McKay and Stomu Yamashta with Paul Buckmaster. All songs written by Stomu Yamashta and Michael Quartermain, except "Winner / Loser" by Steve Winwood.

Credits on Go Live From Paris: Stomu Yamashta, percussion and piano; Steve Winwood, vocals and keyboards; Michael Shrieve, drum kit; Klaus Schulze, synthesizers; Al DiMeola, solo guitar; Jerome Rimson, bass; Pat Thrall, guitar; Brother James, congas; Karen Freidman, vocals. Produced by Stomu Yamashta. Recorded live at the Palais des Sports in Paris on June 12, 1976.

Description: Go was Stomu Yamashta's studio project featuring Steve and Michael Shrieve. The trio took the show on the road as documented on the live album. They also performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London sometime during the year, with a line-up including Stomu, Steve, Michael, Al DiMeola, Rosko Gee, and others (thanks to Mike Hargreaves from SP 42, 10/96). The liner notes for Phil Manzanera's 801 Live (1976) (see Phil's official site) indicate that he also participated in the Royal Albert Hall performance (thanks to Rob Cochrane, 5/2002).

Release notes: These albums have not been released on CD to date, but "Winner / Loser" and the live version of "Crossing The Line" appear on Steve Winwood's compilation The Finer Things (1995). A third Go album, Go Too (1977), features some of the same musicians but not Steve.

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Various: The ARMS Concert, Parts 1 and 2 (1984)

Selected discography:
VHS / Media / M454/M455 / US
VHS / Rhino / RNVD 1445 / RNVD 1446 / US (Reissue 1991)

Tracks - Part 1:
  • "Everybody Oughta Make A Change"
  • "Rita Mae"
  • "Lay Down Sally"
  • "Have You Ever Loved A Woman"
  • "Rambling On My Mind"
  • "Cocaine"
  • "Man Smart, Woman Smarter"
  • "Road Runner"
  • "Slowdown Sundown"
  • "Take Me To The River"
  • "Gimme Some Lovin'"
Tracks - Part 2:
  • "Star Cycle"
  • "Pump (The Pump)"
  • "Led Boots" (Intro Only)
  • "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat"
  • "Hi Ho Silver Lining"
  • "Who'S To Blame"
  • "City Sirens"
  • "Stairway To Heaven"
  • "Tulsa Time"
  • "Layla"
  • "Goodnight Irene"
Credits: Eric Clapton, guitar and vocals; Ray Cooper, drums and percussion; James Hooker, keyboard; Kenny Jones, drums; Andy Fairweather Low, guitar, keyboard and vocals; Fernando Saunders, bass and vocal; Chris Stainton, keyboard; Charlie Watts, drums; Steve Winwood, vocals, keyboard and mandolin; Bill Wyman, bass; Jeff Beck, guitar and vocals; Tony Hymas, keyboard; Ronnie Lane, vocals; Jimmy Page, guitar; Simon Phillips, drums. Recorded live at Royal Albert Hall in London, 1983.

Description: ARMS is the Ronnie Lane Appeal for Action for Research into Multiple Sclerosis. Steve does "Roadrunner", "Slow Down Sundown", "Take Me To The River" and "Gimme Some Lovin'" for his set, and backup for the rest of the show.

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Various: Party At The Palace (7/9/2002)

Selected discography:
CD / Virgin / 7243 8 12833 2 5 / UK
CD / Virgin / 7243 8 12833 2 5 / US
DVD / BBC Opus Arte / OA 0857 D / US

Tracks of interest:
  • Steve Winwood: "Gimme Some Lovin'" (vocals, Hammond organ)
  • Joe Cocker: "With A Little Help From My Friends" (Hammond organ)
  • Ray Davies: "Lola" (Hammond organ) (DVD only)
  • Paul McCartney & Various Artists: "All You Need Is Love" (Hammond organ)
  • Paul McCartney & Various Artists: "Hey Jude" (Hammond organ)
Description: Live pop concert for the Queen's Golden Jubilee celebration, recorded at Buckingham Palace on June 3, 2002. The house band included Phil Collins, who played drums on all of these tracks. Other performers included Eric Clapton, Brian May, and many others.

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Cover image
Eric Prydz: "Call On Me" (9/13/2004)

Selected discography:
12" / Data / DATA68T / UK
CDS / Data / DATA68CDS / UK
DVD / Data / DATA68DVD / UK

Tracks - 12" single:
  • "Call On Me" - Eric Prydz Vs. Retarded Funk Mix
  • "Call On Me" - Red Kult Dub Pass 2 Mix
  • "Call On Me" - Filterheadz Remix
Tracks - CD single:
  • "Call On Me" - Radio Edit
  • "Call On Me" - Eric Prydz Vs. Retarded Funk Mix
  • "Call On Me" - JJ Stockholm Mix
  • "Call On Me" - Filterheadz Remix
  • "Call On Me" - Red Kult Dub Pass 2 Mix
Tracks - DVD single:
  • "Call On Me" - Video (Daytime Version)
  • "Call On Me" - Video (Late Night Version)
  • "Call On Me" - Radio Edit
  • "Call On Me" - Eric Prydz Vs. Retarded Funk Mix
Description: DJ mix based on a sample from Steve Winwood's song "Valerie", originally released in 1982. According to the Web site of the label (Ministry of Sound), Steve re-recorded the vocals for this mix. The track is credited as Prydz / Winwood / Jennings.

Some versions of this track were previously released on underground 12" singles credited to DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter and to Red Kult. These versions were apparently created and provided by Eric Prydz in some way. The sample of "Valerie" was probably from the original vocal track.

Ministry Of Sound

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